Choosing a Recliner

It’s hard to believe that the original recliner was introduced in the 1920’s. We didn’t even have internet then… or TV… was the wheel invented? I jest – of course we had TV. It is the enduring popularity of this living/family room mainstay that is hardly a laughing matter. Think about it, one day humans were lounging around on rocks when suddenly somebody invents the recliner. There’s probably a bit more to it than that but we take it for granted it now. The fact is , it was a valid game changer. For years, the recliner has been the best seat in the house. And the older we get, the more attached we become to it.

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There’s a ton of recliners to choose from in the modern age. Powered with ease by a lever or more recently the simplicity of a button, the chair tilts back and the foot rest elevates your legs. It’s like you’re partially sitting while you’re comfortably lying down. I grew up watching my grandpa falling asleep in one, and guess what? I became him. How could I not? They’re comfortable! Plus they alleviate back or leg pain and provide lumbar and neck support. They are usually generously-sized, even a person with a large frame can sit comfortably in just about any random recliner. But you wouldn’t want to buy the first one you look at.swivel

Recliners are available with your choice of features. Want to be like Captain Kirk and swivel all the way around in your ‘captain’s chair’? You can. Or you can rock (like a rocking chair, not like AC/DC), swivel, pivot… heck, there are recliners that will give you a massage, and you don’t even have to tip them! Of course, besides function, there are many styles available, so you may seek to find one that matches the décor of the room you intend to have it in.

The most common recliner is the classic two-position design. They are celebrated for their simplicity. There are only two settings – upright or fully reclined. A lever or button releases the footrest and allows you to lie back in comfort. They’re essentially the ‘basic model’ and therefore are also typically the most affordable. Be sure you have the necessary space to accommodate this chair when fully reclined.

A unique take on the two-position design is the push back. They do not include a rising footrest. Instead, it is only the back that reclines, activated simply by physically pushing back into the seat. It takes up less space than the two-position and is available in a number of sleek and modern designs. The push back is often sold with the option of a separate matching footrest.pushback

You can get a lift chair (also known as a riser chair) if you need assistance with mobility. It will help you out of your seat and allow you to put more focus on grace than effort. If you suffer from any level of limited leg capacity or have weak knees, this model is technically designed for you. They’re available in a wealth of size and shapes so you’ll likely find one that’s perfect for your body type. Be advised, lift chairs are typically more expensive than other models. They are motor driven, and need to be plugged into a wall for power.

Of course there’s the modern twist of the old favorite, the rocking chair. The rocker recliner allows you to lay back with your feet elevated while you rock back and forth. An insomniac would be challenged to stay awake after making themselves comfortable in this special chair. It’s even recommended for nursing mothers, relaxing them thoroughly as the motion calms the growing child within.rocking

If you believe you have less than ample space to accommodate such a large piece of furniture, no problem. You can actually buy a recliner that is designed to be non-obtrusive (in other words, it’s compact-sized). It’s called the wall hugger, a special recliner that will not grossly impose on space. The custom design will have you sitting upright more than most other seats generally do, and it is often adjusted to sit higher, so it accommodates ailments of the knee and back variety.

There’s no reason not to have a recliner. If you find that none appeal to you visually, don’t be deterred. With a little research you will find a selection of other designs, including those of very contemporary style. As the number of women purchasing recliners grows, so too has the number of styles increased. Today’s recliner options include a wild array of fabric, colors, sizes and textures. With this type of increased production come competitive manufacturers and prices. So take a load off – and not from your wallet!


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