How to make yourselves comfortable ASAP

Moving into a new home can be exhausting and stressful. It’s a sure fire way to develop anxiety. A good way to alleviate some of that unwanted troublesome energy is to find ways to make you feel at ease. It’s your home now, help yourself relax. Why wait? You’ve already begun to settle in, begin the process in earnest with these TEN sure-fire methods of introducing the comfort of home to your new residence.

1. Display Favorite Photos

The quickest way to personalize your home and establish a warm feeling is by hanging and displaying photos of your loved ones! Even if you have to run to the dollar store for frames (they have ‘em in all sizes!) start representing your friends and family – why hesitate? And won’t they be flattered when they come by for the housewarming party and see a picture of themselves? It’s nice to feel appreciated!picss

2. Buy Plants and Flowers

patioThere’s nothing like fresh greenery to breathe life into a place. It can be as if it’s they’re moving in with you, like members of the family! Add a Peace Lily, a Majesty Palm, some colorful orchids or the aromatic jasmine. By figuring them into the décor you add cheer and vitality that, in turn, creates a warm sense of welcome.

3. Personalize the Outdoors

If your new home has a front porch or a back patio, work with it immediately. Buy a new outdoor chair and table set (complete with giant umbrella to provide shade when needed). Or perhaps you prefer a fire pit. You’ve seen it do wonders as an addition to the culinary and social possibilities. Naturally, you can’t go wrong with a barbecue. This way, you’ll be able to relax outdoors whenever you like, with enough seating for guests!bbqqqq

4. Cozy Accessories

Use your imagination and pepper the home with knickknacks that are sure to bring a smile! Pick up a throw blanket, candles, a nice selection of lamps, anything to dissolve the sterile environment of a new home. And prepare for spontaneous guests with a tea tray or pitcher, and plenty of beverages to offer them! If someone pops by out of the blue, you’ve got it covered.

5. Install a Bookcase

There’s nothing more personal than one’s taste in literature or their book collection! If there are no compatible shelves to be found in your new home, install your own book case and start displaying those intellectual reflections of your personality.bookcase

6. Display Your Record Collection

Similarly to book shelves, wall space for vinyl collections is a must for many homeowners. Some go as far as to choose a home for how best it will accommodate their music. Once a nearly dead breed, the number of record collectors has grown stronger and more diverse than ever. Showcase favorite/rare/ or signed albums by framing them and hanging the prized items nearby!

7. Paint the Door

This will allow the neighborhood to know there’s somebody new here now. Obviously much cheaper than repainting the entire home, you can still make a dramatic impact with an all new color for the front door– especially if you go bold! While you’re at it, replace the doors’ hardware as well and see how relatively small changes can contribute to a whole new look.enter

8. Deep Clean the Entire House

Why would you want to do this? Why would anyone want to do this? The fact is, the only one who is going to care about sweeping away as much of the previous owners as humanly possible is you. You’re the only one that will really get into the nooks and crannies and sterilize the home until the only residents it reflects is you. This is, after all, your home now.

9. Replace the Wall Switch Covers

Another way to be rid of the last remnants of the previous artowner is to switch out the wall light switch covers. Perhaps they were left generic previously or maybe they were replaced with other plate styles unique to their specific taste. Put in your own. Choose something that you consider special and fun, and you will have just created a homey element designed just for you

10. Hang Large Art.

Perhaps you have a beautiful old painting you’ve inherited, or a beloved print from your favorite artist, or – if you’re like many of us here – a limited edition Star Wars poster. These are images you love, and hanging up a nice large print, say 36” x 48”, is an excellent way to put you and yours at ease and make you feel right at home. Home is where the heart is, after all, fill it with the things you love!


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