How to infuse your boring desk job with zest

There is much talk about being motivated at work. Maybe there are numbers to hit, or free lunches to be won, or perhaps it’s just expected. There have been countless psychological studies on the matter, most often funded by large corporations who can afford to research and learn ways to get the most out of their coworkers.

It’s not that you don’t want to, or can’t be a go-getter. You can. But life is like an anchor, circumstances keep you stationary. You just float through it all, feeling dull, as though you have little impact. But there are tiny tricks you can employ to upgrade your status from ‘bearable’ to ‘pretty good’. And it starts with what is right in front of you.

Why wouldn’t your immediate surroundings be a serious factor in how you feel? If you sit at a drab old desk with no decoration or anything to imply cheerfulness, your mood could quite easily reflect such a dismal concept. But what if you gave the space in which you work a makeover? If your desk can dictate your mood, adjust it so that mood is positive!

Color is a good thing. In fact, they say the color green encourages creativity! Imagine feeling inspired and implementing a little (appropriate) ingenuity into your work! That could be beneficial, so add some green to your workspace! Why not do it in the form of a plant? Cheerfulness and improved drive are directly linked to having live greenery nearby. Plants may even be better for the air, creating a healthier environment, so take those refreshing deep breaths!

You may be surprised to hear this, but studies have revealed that music in the workplace also contributes to increased productivity! Many desk jobs don’t require much interaction with others, so pop on those ear buds! Not only will you be happier, you’ll be able to get through boring and repetitive tasks faster which in turn will enable you to focus on the more involved jobs at hand.

And everyone has family photos at their desks, why not you? Happy images of loving relations allow us to enjoy our favorite people staring back at us from the realm of our desk. By recalling the time we enjoy spending with them, we think of happy occasions beyond work, and that may make us stronger when we’re feeling overwhelmed by job-related matters. That motivates us to plow through our responsibilities – and the week – to just get it over with!

If you have a desk that is constantly messy, that may be good thing. If you’ve been at your job for eons despite having a cluttered desk, it’s obviously a system that works for you. You’re not alone, there are others that thrive in a mountain of disarray. For many, messiness is an organization all its own. There are very creative people who excel in an unkempt environment, and feel restrained by what is perceived as orderly.

A more obvious factor that can influence your in-office outlook is light. Is there a window in the office? A lack of one can be entirely dreadful, unless you prefer that sort of thing. Fluorescent lighting alone can actually hinder productivity. Workers stationed where there is little to no natural light are more prone to stress and depression. But the human psyche reacts positively to sunlight.

So, at the very least, employ a desk lamp with light bulbs that are designed to mimic natural light, it should brighten your outlook!


And while a clean and organized desk may reflect a productive work ethic, studies have shown that those who decorate their space are generally happier, more creative and productive. Don’t shy away from the little knick knacks and conversation pieces you enjoy. It says a lot about you and welcomes newbies to inquire about the compact representations of things you know and love. It’s an ice-breaker that demonstrates that the office isn’t overly strict and stodgy!

Of course, for those of us who suffer recurring back pain, sitting all day may be physically unpleasant as well. Try to mix up your sitting position. Change your posture throughout the day. There’s a value to the differences. Eight hours hunched over a computer is not an ideal daily occurrence, and despite the inert activity, it can be quite exhausting! See if you may move to a stand up desk for a bit. Or ask to relocate from time to time so that you may benefit from the aesthetic of a different perspective. Making you as comfortable as possible will free your mind to concentrate on work uninhibitedly.

And on the subject of mobility, get up and get out as often as you can. Utilize those breaks and get some fresh air. Take a brisk walk around the building. The exercise will help balance the mental health that so many feel is tested at work. When you return to your desk you’ll have a renewed sense of energy. Sure, you may think your job is old hat, but your desk doesn’t have to be!


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