Have A Plan When A Wildfire Strikes Near You

Wildfires have moved beyond the realm of risk into the territory of “fact of life” for California residents from south to north. Across the United States, nearly 50 million homes and over 75,000 communities are directly “at risk”. Working together, and strategically for the safety of your own home, you can dramatically reduce any risk from wildfires. States with significant wildfire risks include Arizona, California, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Texas. If you live in these states, it’s not a bad idea to take a look at our article on how to protect your things.

Every year, wildfires burn through more than a million acres of woodland. They can spring from cigarettes, matches, sparks from a train’s exhaust, or campfires. The sad thing is that 90% of the time, humans cause wildfires.

Just this week, the fresh Pawnee Fire broke out on Saturday and threatened more than 600 structures near Sacramento. Over 200 firefighters fought the blaze that charred over 8,000 acres as of Monday afternoon.

5 Biggest California Wildfires:

  1. Thomas Fire: 273,400 acres
  2. Cedar Fire: 273,246 acres
  3. Rush Fire: 272,200 acres
  4. Rim Fire: 257,314 acres
  5. Zaca Fire: 240,207 acres

Whether wildfires are man-made or natural disasters is subject to discussion but our concern as a prepper community is to prevent these from happening. Losing your property or family to this kind of disaster is just as difficult as any other unexpected accident or emergency.

Wildfire survival is a shared responsibility. Nobody wants to be caught in the middle of a large fire, let alone deal with the damage after. Like we always say, preparedness is the key.

An air tanker drops fire retardant over the mountainside east of Spring Valley, Calif., Monday, June 25, 2018.(Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

What to Do When Trapped in a Wildfire

Are you stuck in a vehicle?

  • Remain calm!
  • Park in clear and open vegetation
  • If you’ve got a woolen blanket or thick jacket, cover yourself
  • Lie as close to the floor of the vehicle as possible
  • Call emergency services at 9-1-1

Are you on foot?

  • Remain calm!
  • Get to clear vegetation, or a ditch/depression
  • Lie face down and cover yourself as well as possible
  • Call emergency services at 9-1-1

Are you in your home?

  • Remain calm, and keep your family/roommates in one spot
  • Contact emergency services at 9-1-1
  • Fill your kitchen & bathroom sinks and tubs with cool water
  • Shut all doors and windows but keep them unlocked
  • Remain indoors
  • Stay away from exterior walls and windows

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